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Stanford Crowned Collegiate Champions
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 03/27/2005

March 27, 2005

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Stanford University won the 29th annual U.S. Synchronized Swimming Collegiate Championships Saturday at the O'Connell Center on the University of Florida campus, derailing Ohio State University's attempt at a 6th consecutive national title. Stanford scored 99.2 out of a possible 100 points in the closing team routine to cap off their undefeated season.

Friday's opening technical competition, in which Stanford captured the top four places in both A elements and B figures, highlighted the Cardinal's commanding team depth. Senior Katie Norris captured the gold in A elements, while freshman Katherine Norris won B figures.

The Cardinal opened Saturday's final rounds with a first and third-place finish in the trio competition. 2004 Olympic bronze medalist Sara Lowe, 2004 Canadian Olympian Courtenay Stewart, and Canadian National team member Samantha Bongiovani-Duclos led Stanford's top trio to victory with a score of 97.000. National Team members Poppy Carlig, Melissa Knight, and Cassidy Ramage moved up from fourth place in the semi-finals to capture the bronze medal, leaving the OSU Buckeyes with second and fourth place.

Stanford repeated their first and third finish in the subsequent duet finals. Lowe and Stewart swam a flawless routine of world-class technical elements to secure the gold. Norris and Bongiovanni-Duclos captured the bronze in an extremely tight competition.

Stanford's team captain and lone senior Katie Norris, a Tallahassee native, won the solo routine with an emotional final solo swim of her collegiate career. The crowd roared in celebration as Norris clinched the gold and lifted Stanford to the overall lead entering the closing team event.

Stanford's squad, boasting seven National Team members and two Olympians, swam away with the team finals to secure the meet. Performing to choreography inspired by Dante's Inferno, the team enthralled the crowd with athletic lifts and a dramatic interpretation of the music while earning their highest score of the year.

Stanford made school history by sweeping first in every event. In individual awards, Norris was named the Collegiate Athlete of the Year, Lowe received Highpoint Athlete recognition, and head coach Heather Olson was named Collegiate Coach of the Year.

Stanford will focus their last weeks of practice on preparing for the U.S. National Championships in Federal Way, Wash., April 28-30.

A Elements

1. Katie Norris, (Stanford University) 82.4; 2. Elizabeth-Anne Markman, (Stanford University) 80.56; 3. Sara Lowe, (Stanford University) 79.94; 4. Samantha Bongiovanni-Duclos, (Stanford University) 79.92; 5. Sara Petrov, (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 79.64; 6. Courtenay Stewart, (Stanford University) 79.3; 7. Becky Kim, (Ohio State Unviversity) 78.6; 8. Danielle Kramer, (University of Incarnate Word) 78.6; 9. Poppy Carlig, (Stanford University) 78.4.

B Figures

1. Katherine Norris, (Stanford University) 74.022; 2. Hilary Homenko, (Stanford University) 73.107; 3. Mari Maekawa, (Stanford University) 73.0; 4. Hae-Rin Lee, (Stanford University) 72.871; 5. Frances Halloran, (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 72.754; 6. Brooke Paul, (Ohio State University) 72.514; 7. Andrea Dash, (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 71.210; 8. Elizabeth Chinoransky, (University of the Incarnate Word) 71.188.

Trio Finals

1. Samantha Bongiovanni-Duclos, Courtenay Stewart, Sara Lowe (Stanford University) 97.000; 2. Ellen Hacker, Becky Kim, Lindsay Newbill, (Ohio State University) 96.200; 3. Poppy Carlig, Cassidy Ramage, Melissa Knight (Stanford University) 95.400; 4. Carly Grimshaw, Chelsea Luker, Lauren Marsh, (Ohio State University) 94.900; 5. Natalie Chase, Jennifer Holmquest, Danielle Kramer (University of the Incarnate Word) 92.600; 6. Stacey Jackson, Stephanie Jackson, Megan Kelly (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 89.80; 7. Kristina Averell, Alaina Hill, Katie Scanlon (Canisius College) 86.400; 8T. Zoe Villarreal, Rachael Simon, Emily Van Vleck, (University of the Incarnate Word) 86.300; 8T. Megan Becker, Robin Collins, Stephanie Joyce (University of Florida) 86.300.

Duet Finals

1. Courtenay Stewart, Sara Lowe (Stanford University) 97.300; 2. Becky Kim, Lindsay Newbill (Ohio State University) 97.200; 3. Katie Norris, Samantha Bongiovanni-Duclos (Stanford University) 97.000; 4. Morgan Clarke, Sara Petrov (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 94.000; 5. Jennifer Holmquest, Rachael Simon (University of the Incarnate Word) 92.800; 6. Jamee Paoloemilio, Beth Richie (Canisius College) 88.800; 7. Stacey Jackson, Stephanie Jackson (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 88.200; 8. Andrea Natoli, Katie Scanlon (Canisius College) 86.300.

Solo Finals

1. Katie Norris (Stanford University) 97.300; 2. Becky Kim (Ohio State University) 96.100; 3. Danielle Kramer (University of the Incarnate Word) 94.400; 4. Sara Petrov (University of Alabama-Birmingham) 93.400; 5. Rebecca Story (Keuka College) 87.900; 6. Sachi Maekawa (Wheaton College) 86.800; 7. Kim Marsh (College of William & Mary) 83.900; 8. Kristina Averell (Canisius College) 83.400.

Team Finals

1. Stanford University, 99.200; 2. Ohio State University A, 98.900; 3. Ohio State University B, 97.500; 4. University of Alabama-Birmingham, 97.000; 5. University of the Incarnate Word, 94.950; 6. University of Florida A, 92.100; 7. Canisius College, 89.550; 8. Wheaton College, 88.550; 9. University of Richmond, 86.950; 10. University of Florida B, 86.750; 11. University of Arizona, 83.700; 12. College of William & Mary, 83.150.

Final Standings

1. Stanford University, 98; 2. Ohio State University, 90; 3. University of the Incarnate Word, 67.5; 4. University of Alabama-Birmingham, 63; 5. Canisius College, 48; 6. University of Florida, 45.5; 7. Wheaton College, 39.5; 8. Keuka College, 35.5; 9. University of Arizona, 29.5; 10. College of William & Mary, 28.5; 11. University of Richmond, 25.5; 12. Carleton College, 16.5; 13. University of Michigan, 15.5; 14. University of Minnesota, 14.5; 15. Walsh University, 11.5; 16. Boston University, 10.5; 17T. University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 6; 17T. University of Pennsylvania, 6; 19. Florida State University, 5; 20. University of Mary Washington, 3.5.



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