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Stephanie Gentry Blog: Pac-10 Championships Day 2
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 03/29/2008

March 28, 2008

Seattle, Wash. - Stanford women's gymnastics is in Seattle, Washington for the Pac-10 Women's Gymnastics and Stephanie Gentry is here to give fans a behind the scenes look at the team. Day 2 includes details on the team victory at the Pac-10 Championships:

Stephanie Gentry Blog -- Day 2 -- March 29, 2008
Well, it feels good to win pac-10's after our regular season losses to ucla and osu, but really, tonight we were focused solely on us. Our unity and cohesiveness as a group are what allowed us to pull off our second consecutive 197 away meet score. We weren't perfect tonight, but we had each other's backs, meaning a solid performance from your Stanford Cardinal. We are certainly peaking at the right time, and our confidence in our ability as a team has started to overflow. Man, such a great meet! The rivalry, and the rings we're gonna get, and the memories = priceless :-)

This is the longest meet of the year, so we have been practicing this week on pacing ourselves and conserving energy. During the byes we listened to some sweet mixes that Allyse made and snacked on honey wheat pretzels and extra hot tamales.

We started out a little rough on bars with an uncharacteristically shaky set from fee and then a fall from Nikki (Nicole Ourada), but nonetheless it is great to have (Kelly) Fee back in the lineup after her taking time off for an inflamed shoulder. The four routines after that were absolutely stellar. cj, weedge, liz, and tab really not only covered our mistakes, but hit some morbidly obese bar sets with huge releases. We rocked out on beam. this event is really becoming one of our strongest areas. Congrats to cj on becoming the pac-10 beam champ!

We again hit a small snag on floor after nikki overrotated her last pass. She just had too much energy! but once again tab and cj covered nicely and fee, t, and elmo had already turned in solid routines. A damper on our evening win came in our last rotation on the vault. weedge tweeked her knee on the landing. While we don't know what's exactly wrong with it yet, we are hoping that it will be ok. Keep her in your prayers! Tabbs (Tabitha Yim) got a well-deserved all-around win and pac-10 gymnast of the year award. We are all very proud of her.

Some of us just got back from a hot tub chill sesh and now we're all getting ready for our early morning flight tomorrow morning. At least we're on spring break and we don't have any schoolwork! Tt's been such a great trip hangin with the teammates in seattle.

Until regionals, thanks for following, SWG fans!


Stephanie Gentry Blog -- Day 1 -- March 28, 2008

Stanford women's gymnastics woke up early yesterday morning to leave for the Pac-10 Championships in Seattle at the University of Washington. It was well worth the early morning, though, b/c we got to go to the experience music project. The building itself where this exhibit is held had a really interesting architecture. (Heather) Purnell suggested that it was supposed to resemble a sound wave while the exhibit worker told us that it was supposed to resemble a guitar.

Either way, it was pretty cool. we got to see lots of music memorabilia from Seattle artists including nirvana and Jimi Hendrix as well as an exhibit showing the evolution of the guitar. At the end we got to try out our musical skills playing on guitars, keyboards, and drums, but the highlight of the day was definitely intense-style karaoke! The whole team got on stage and sang and played and danced to "i love rock 'n' roll". needless to say, we weren't very good, but we had a whole lot of fun.

After that we went to dinner at a mongolian bbq place that swizz picked out. props to him! i had never been to a place like this before, but we basically put everything we wanted in a bowl to be grilled all together. it was delicious!

Our last stop of the day was the NCAA men's swimming championships. we went out to support Stanford thanks to a member of our team having a special someone that she wanted to see swim :-) Swim meets are sweet! The relays were super exciting, and Stanford swam well.

We had a slow morning this morning before practice. we had planned on going to pike's place market but then decided not to. It was a good thing because it started snowing outside! we had a good practice and then raced back to the hotel to watch the Stanford vs. Texas basketball game! Unfortunately we lost by kind of a lot, but we got to finish watching the game at the fox sports grill where we had a tasty dinner. We will just have to make up for the guy's loss tomorrow by winning Pac-10's! they had a great year, though, and it was really fun to watch them. Basketball is great!

Tonight we had a hilarious team activity involving interpretive dance. Basically we got thirty minutes to come up w/a dance to a music selection of the coaches' choice. All three groups did a great job, but honestly it was pretty much ridiculous.

We just finished watching the end of pride & prejudice, and now everyone's winding down and getting ready for bed for a good night's sleep to get ready for tomorrow. We can't wait! go card!




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