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Spring Break Norway: Day One
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 03/21/2013

March 21, 2013

OSLO, Norway - After the Stanford men's gymnastics team safely arrived in Norway where it will compete against the Norwegian and Italian national teams, gymnasts Cale Robinson and Sean Senters took some time to blog about the team's trek overseas:

Hei alla Sammen! ("Hello everyone" in Norwegian),

Well today (or really the past two days) has been quite the adventure, but fortunately we've all arrived in Norway, which with 19 athletes, two coaches, 1 athletic trainer, and 1 judge is easier said than done. More importantly, we are ready for the week and a half ahead of us!

We are incredibly excited to be heading to Norway for a once in a lifetime spring break and competition with the Norwegian and Italian national teams.

We left the gym at 7:15 p.m.(PT) and arrived at San Francisco International Airport with plenty of time before our 10:10 p.m. flight to Munich, which was good because some of our bags were over the 23 kg limit (oops! - Cale)! Once through security most of us sent out our last text messages, phone calls, and emails before boarding the 11.5 hour flight across the Atlantic.

I (Sean) was sitting next to head coach Thom Glielmi, and I was honestly resisting the urge to ask, "Are we there yet?" as I knew it probably wouldn't be well received. Many people watched movies, as the Lufthansa flight provided many compelling options such as Silver Linings Playbook, Skyfall, and Wreck-It Ralph. I personally watched Cloud Atlas.

There was enough time to get a movie in, read, write, eat, sleep, and probably do all these activities over again. We landed in Munich around 6:00 p.m. local time, which gave us an hour before our final flight to Oslo.

We all went through customs, got our passports stamped (for me (Sean), it was the first time!) and proceeded to the next gate. Well, most of us. Brandon Beckhardt and David Frankl took a wrong turn and ended up leaving and having to go back through security, but one way or another we all ended up where we needed to be.

By our gate in Munich we were able to get free coffee (score one for Germany!), which was much needed to keep us awake on the next flight.

The second flight was relatively uneventful and we arrived in Oslo, Norway at about 9:30 local time and headed to baggage.

There were no problems with the bags until I (Cale) realized that the giant electric blue bag that I picked up in Oslo wasn't mine after all. I started slightly freaking out, but after learning that our traveling judge, Stanford alumni Craig Nesbitt, had the same bag as me and accidentally picked mine up, I was put to ease.

Finally, we met the Norwegian delegation and hopped on a bus for the 40 minute ride to the hotel. Although it was dark outside, as will much of our trip will be, seeing as Norway only gets about five hours of sunlight per day, what we could see looked beautiful.

When we arrived at the hotel, the Thon Opera Hotel, we were greeted with food bags and headed up to our rooms, which are incredibly small! I think we get too accustomed to having large and spacious hotel rooms in the U.S., although our bathroom is about as big as the entire living and sleeping area in the room.

Anyway, we're pretty tired and have to be up early for our first training session. We'll being providing the blogs daily, so keep tuning in! Also, you can follow us on Twitter @sean_senters, @calewalter, or @SUMensGymnastic (note no "s" on the end) for more frequent updates.

Bye for nå!

Cale Robinson and Sean Senters



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