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Quotes from the NCAA Women's Singles & Doubles Championships - Semifinals
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 05/28/2006

May 28, 2006

Recap |  Results

Theresa Logar, Stanford
"I felt like I did really well to get to the semis. I would have liked to have gone further but it was definitely a good tournament. I can't deny that. I've got one more year so hopefully I can do better next year."

On her opponent: "I knew that she was left-handed. I knew she was quick. I knew she liked her forehand a lot. She's a good player. The strategy that I had was a tough one and she proved to be better than it."

Suzi Babos, California
"I was really excited before I started the match. I've never played in the semifinals in the NCAAs. The crowd was really great and it was just a great experience to be out there and play. I'm really happy with my performance today."

On losing the second set: "I think I just had to realize that she played a little bit better than I did. I had to change my tactics a little bit. I had to adjust. Taking my time and calming myself down a little bit definitely helped. That's why I think I was able to win the third set."

On being in the NCAA Final: "I didn't quite expect it to tell you the truth. I actually had my ticket for today to go home. I just came here and realized that this was the NCAAs. If I'm given the opportunity, I have to go with it. After I won my first match, I decided I came here and had something to do. If I'm playing well enough, then I can go pretty far. Match by match I'm getting more confident. I feel like I'm playing a lot better and I really enjoy being here. It's just such a great experience."

Megan Moulton-Levy
"I fought as hard as I could and she (Nelson) did not miss a ball. Most of my balls were landing in the middle and gave her a great opportunity to hit her best shots. But, even if my balls were not hit in the middle, she did the same thing and was painting the lines. She played incredibly. A lot of shots that I give most players, they'll make two or three. Not every ball, like she did. She didn't give me an opportunity to get my game rolling because she never gave me the same three points that most people give me. I think she played very well. I was not hitting the ball as deep as I needed to to have done better, but that's taking no credit away from her. I am definitely pleased with my performance. I came into the tournament just wanting to play good tennis and I think I far exceeded any expectations I had of myself. Now is my time to celebrate because I don't have another match tomorrow."

Lindsey Nelson
"It was so tough. She hit a really rough ball. It took so much to just get out there and work really hard. I knew I'd have to work really hard from the very beginning because she just gets every ball back and she gives you nothing to work with. She's a really great player. I knew I just had to hit with her and just play my own game. I'm a hard-hitting player. I just wanted to keep that and make the right decisions and play smart and know when to not over hit the ball. This whole tournament has been one big mental trip. It's just making the right decisions, playing smart and staying positive and really believing in myself and knowing that I have the potential to be an amazing player, one of the best in the world."

On playing in the finals: "It means a lot to me. It's really an emotional thing that really hasn't hit me yet. It didn't even hit me that I was in the semi's yet. It's a really big dream and I'm so excited. I've never felt this way about tennis before. It's such a rush."

Cristelle Grier & Alexis Prousis, Northwestern
Prousis - "We had lost to them earlier so we were really excited to play them again. We've played a bunch of girls in the tournament that we'd lost to so there was a little more incentive to come out. We're having a great week and we just have to keep plugging away. It's exciting."

Grier - "I think we were looking forward to the opponent. We knew their weaknesses. We knew what they had done to put pressure on us and we knew what had worked against them. We tried a few new things. We've had pretty good energy throughout the tournament so we're excited to be in the finals."

No. 1 seed Alice Barnes & Anne Yelsey, Stanford
Barnes - "I think it's pretty simple. I think we just didn't play well enough to win. I think they played well and they obviously had a game plan that they were using against us. I struggled on my serve, which is going to be a bit of a problem. We've had a very good year and I've certainly enjoyed it. It's obviously disappointing right now but we held the No. 1 ranking pretty much all year so after the disappointment, I'd like to focus on that. They just played well today."

"We had a good tournament and I've had a wonderful career. I just thank Stanford and Lele for everything they've given me. I'll always have such fond memories of it. The way I go out, that doesn't really matter, I'll just remember my four years here. It's such a wonderful athletic department they have here. They really care about their athletes. I'm just so proud to have been a part of it."

"I think there's a danger with Stanford tennis that you will take everything for granted and never sit back and enjoy your wins. I think now that the season's over and we've done what we wanted to do we need to sit back and enjoy the fact that we were a part of history. I think that's something that we should really be proud of. It's important when you're with Stanford athletics not just look on to the next thing and the next thing--you never know when there might be a little bit of a drought for a few years. So I think it's really important to enjoy the things you achieve."

Yelsey - "Obviously, it's really disappointing right now but we've had an incredible year and I've loved playing with Alice. We've had so much fun on the court. The team aspect and the individual season were very exciting and I've loved every minute of it. It's just a little disappointing to go out this way."

Katharina Winterhalter & Lucia Sainz, Fresno State
Winterhalter - "It wasn't one of our best matches but we pulled it off. It's very exciting. It's a great way to end our senior year. They were one of the toughest teams we've played. It was a little shaky here and there. We tried to go forward because that's our game. There's going to be mistakes but in the end it pays off."

Sainz - "We were kind of nervous because we were tied with them, 1-1. We attack a lot and they were more defensive."

"We cannot think about how they play. We're just going to try to play our game and attack and finish the ball."



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