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David Sender: World Championships Diary #2
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 10/10/2006

Oct. 10, 2006

Aarhus, Denmark - Junior David Sender continues a series of diary entries today leading up to the 2006 World Championships in Denmark. Today's entry comes as Sender and the rest of Team USA prepare for competition beginning Saturday.

Entry #2 - Day 5

It has been a busy few days since we first arrived here. Our days have been filled with practices starting as early as 7 am, homework, another practice, and then more homework as I pass out on my bed. Denmark is great, though. The people are incredibly nice and very accommodating. It's always fun to come from an English-speaking country to one where I can barely understand any of the native language. However, it's sad when you ask a random person on the street for directions, and they bust out better English than I ever hear back home. I guess Danish people are just amazing. The worst thing here is the light rain that comes without warning and then stops just as fast as it started, but that's not hard to deal with. I definitely wouldn't mind visiting this country again.

Practices have been good lately. This morning we had what's called "podium training". That's the workout where we get to warm-up in the actual gym we will be using for warm-up before the competition, and then we did routines in the actual competition arena. I'm told the way training was run today was not typical. Today was very laid-back. Generally, when we're out on the competition floor, every team gets a specific amount of time on each event (there are even usually timers on each event telling people to get off the equipment when time is up), but today was much more easy-going. Our team found we had plenty of time on each event, and overall, training went really well. Everyone seemed comfortable with the equipment, and everything seems to be right on track for the competition.

Tomorrow is going to be a very light practice because today's workout was a bit more stressful (more mentally than physically). We will probably just end up going in the gym tomorrow, stretching, maybe do some basics on a couple events, and then get out of there. It should be some good recovery time. Sleep has been a bit tough to get lately with waking up at 6 am most mornings, so I'm really looking forward to sleeping in (of course, sleeping in now means 8:30 or so). The time change was a little tough to get used to, also. All in all, though, team USA is looking great. It sounds like some of our competition looks good, while some other teams seem to be struggling a little. However, USA is ready for anything, and we look as good as anybody else out here. We're all working hard, staying focused and looking forward to a great competition. The only thing I'm not sure about is if the other countries are ready to take on team USA!



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