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Inside the Locker Room: By Nicole Dayton
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 11/16/2010

Nov. 16, 2010

STANFORD, Calif. - Hey SWG fans!

With one more week of preseason complete, we are ramping up practices to prepare for the quickly approaching competition season! It's great to see routines coming easily so we can start fine-tuning and making necessary adds on each event! Monday, SWG rocked neon spandex, leg warmers and side ponies for 80's day. I think it's safe to say that most of us would have looked good jamming to Bruce Springsteen and Duran Duran. To add even more laughs to this practice, everyone was assigned a character to act out while doing a beam dance thru, while the rest of the team had to guess what they were acting out. Spin's impersonation of a cheerleader was over the top ridiculous, and had the entire team laughing throughout the whole routine. Shona continued the freshman domination of this activity when she got up there with her sassy "Betty Boop" dance thru! It was great to see SWG build off of Sunday's practice and come back with another strong practice on Monday.

We started Wednesday off with a Freshman/Sophomore rap to get everyone pumped up for another great day! The beam team showed solid routines in a spur of the moment intrasquad. A special shout out to A-mo and Dan Dan for rocking solid cold sets with double back dismounts!

SWG came in looking ready to go for Friday's game day, sporting poofs, red lipstick and scrunchies. Everybody worked their "first official game day" jitters out on the first two events and used that as fire going into vault and floor. The back three girls on bars really stepped up after a shaky start to the event. Weedge nailed a 9.9 bar routine with her Jaeger to half pirouette add! Brownie started the beam line up off with a solid routine, and Weedge and Dani followed suit in the second and third spots. The floor lineup showed huge tumbling, without sacrificing the performance aspect of the routine. In fact, most people even stepped up and took their dance to the next level, capturing everyone's attention. We finished the day on vault where everyone did some "moby" big vaults! It was a great finish to our first "close-to full" game day!

We came in Sunday morning ready to go, and ready to do some tumbling on the hard floor! The floor lineup showed two passes out on the hard floor effortlessly, which got us all even more excited to get out on the competition floor!

Finally, I think everyone can agree that some of the most exciting things in the gym this week haven't come from people hitting routine after routine. In addition to all the routines and skills, it's been awesome seeing more people able to add some gymnastics to their practices. Shona and Kristina joined the beam agility mix, looking like they never missed a day. Ming added round-off double backs off beam, and has been super solid in her first few weeks of agility. Spinner is swinging more bars with some sky-high Tkachevs, and Lucy did back handsprings on beam! It's great to see rehab paying off, and everyone getting healthy and ready to go for season! We hope you are getting excited to watch us, because we are psyched to get the ball rolling! Thanks for checking in, and GO CARD!




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