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2007-08 Stanford Athletic Year in Review
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 06/26/2008

June 26, 2008

National Team Champions

  • Women's Cross Country
  • Synchronized Swimming

Top-10 Poll Finishes (Rank - Poll)

  • Women's Volleyball (No. 2 - AVCA)
  • Men's Water Polo (No. 4 - CWPA)
  • Men's Basketball (No. 10 - Associated Press)
  • Women's Basketball (No. 2 - Associated Press, USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll)
  • Men's Gymnastics (No. 2 - GymInfo)
  • Women's Gymnastics (No. 6 - GymInfo)
  • Men's Volleyball (No. 9 - CBS College Sports/AVCA)
  • Women's Tennis (No. 7 - ITA)
  • Women's Water Polo (No. 3 - CWPA)
  • Men's Golf (No. 6 - Golfweek/Sagarin)
  • Women's Crew Varsity Eight (No. 5 - CRCA/US Rowing)
  • Men's Crew Varsity Eight (No. 8 - US Rowing)
  • Women's Lightweight Crew Varsity Eight (No. 3 - US Rowing)
  • Women's Sailing (No. 4 - ICSA)
  • Baseball (No. 4 - NCBWA)

Postseason Participants (Finish)

  • Field Hockey (NCAA First Round)
  • Men's Cross Country (NCAA 19th place)
  • Women's Cross Country (NCAA Champions)
  • Women's Soccer (NCAA Sweet 16)
  • Women's Volleyball (NCAA Runner-up)
  • Men's Swimming (NCAA 3rd place)
  • Women's Swimming (NCAA 3rd place)
  • Men's Basketball (NCAA Sweet 16)
  • Women's Basketball (NCAA Runner-up)
  • Wrestling (NCAA 19th place)
  • Men's Gymnastics (NCAA Runner-up)
  • Women's Gymnastics (NCAA Super Six 3rd place)
  • Synchronized Swimming (NCAA Champions)
  • Baseball (NCAA College World Series participant)
  • Softball (NCAA Super Regionals)
  • Men's Indoor Track and Field (NCAA 7th place)
  • Women's Indoor Track and Field (NCAA 5th place)
  • Women's Outdoor Track and Field (NCAA 6th place)
  • Men's Tennis (NCAA Second Round)
  • Women's Tennis (NCAA Quarterfinals)
  • Women's Water Polo (NCAA 3rd place)
  • Men's Golf (NCAA Championships Runner-up)
  • Women's Golf (NCAA Regionals)
  • Squash (NCAA 7th place)
  • Women's Sailing (ISCA 4th place)
  • Co-Ed Sailing (ISCA 7th place)
  • Fencing (NCAA 8th place)
  • Women's Crew Varsity Eight (NCAA Runner-up)
  • Men's Crew (IRA Regatta Grand Final)
  • Women's Lightweight Crew (IRA Regatta Grand Final)

National Players of the Year (Organization)

National Freshman of the Year (Organization)

National Coach of the Year (Organization)

NCAA Individual Champions

Conference Athletes of the Year (Conference)

Conference Newcomer/Freshman of the Year (Conference)

Conference/Region Coach of the Year (Conference/Organization)

Individual Conference Champions (Conference)

Team Regular-Season Conference Champions (Conference)

  • Field Hockey (NorPac co-champions)
  • Women's Volleyball (Pac-10)
  • Women's Basketball (Pac-10)
  • Women's Gymnastics (Pac-10)
  • Women's Sailing (PCCSC)
  • Co-Ed Sailing (PCCSC)
  • Men's Swimming (Pac-10)
  • Women's Tennis (Pac-10 co-champions)

Team Conference Tournament Champions (Conference)

  • Field Hockey (NorPac)
  • Women's Basketball (Pac-10)
  • Lacrosse (MPSF)

2007-08 Stanford All-Americans (Organization)

Conference All-Academic Awards

David Stringer (First Team)
Joey August (Second Team)
Brendan Domaracki (Second Team)
Jeremy Bleich (Honorable Mention)
Toby Gerhart (Honorable Mention)
Jeffrey Inman (Honorable Mention)
Austin Yount (Honorable Mention)

Men's Basketball
Taj Finger (First Team)
Drew Shiller (Honorable Mention)

Women's Basketball
JJ Hones (Second Team)
Rosalyn Gold-Onwude (Honorable Mention)

Men's Cross Country
Garrett Heath (First Team)
Neftalem Araia (Second Team)
Russell Brown (Second Team)
Michael Garcia (Second Team)
Hari Mix (Second Team)
Chris Mocko (Second Team)
Jacob Evans (Honorable Mention)
Justin Marpole-Bird (Honorable Mention)

Women's Cross Country
Lauren Centrowitz (First Team)
Arianna Lambie (First Team)
Kate Niehaus (First Team)
Lindsay Allen (Honorable Mention)
Shannon Bergstedt (Honorable Mention)
Alicia Follmar (Honorable Mention)
Katie Harrington (Honorable Mention)
Teresa McWalters (Honorable Mention)

Chris Horn (First Team)
Anthony Kimble (First Team)
Tim Mattran (First Team)
Evan Moore (First Team)
Brent Newhouse (First Team)
Austin Yancy (First Team)
Emmanuel Awodadweju (Second Team)
Will Powers (Second Team)
Gustav Rydstedt (Second Team)
Derek Belch (Honorable Mention)
Mikal Brewer (Honorable Mention)
Chris Marinelli (Honorable Mention)
Tyrone McGraw (Honorable Mention)
Clinton Snyder (Honorable Mention)

Men's Golf
Rob Grube (First Team)
Dodge Kemmer (Second Team)
Daniel Lim (Second Team)

Women's Golf
Mari Chun (First Team)
Ki-Shui Liao (First Team)
Angela King (Honorable Mention)
Saana Rapakko (Honorable Mention)
Catherina Wang (Honorable Mention)

Men's Gymnastics (MPSF)
Eli Alcaraz
Dylan Carney
Chris Harper
Sho Nakamori
David Sender
Jason Shen
MPSF has just one academic team for all of its members.

Women's Gymnastics
Lauren Elmore (First Team)
Kelly Fee (First Team)
Carly Janiga (First Team)
Alex Pintchouk (First Team)
Aimee Precourt (First Team)
Tabitha Yim (First Team)
Tenaya West (Second Team)
Nicole Ourada (Honorable Mention)
Heather Purnell (Honorable Mention)
Blair Ryland (Honorable Mention)
Liz Tricase (Honorable Mention)

Lacrosse (MPSF)
Dana Lindsay
Katharine Fox
Bess Siegfried
Daphne Patterson
Charity Fluharty
Maris Perlman
Jamie Nesbitt
Megan McClain
Eleanor Foote
Vicky Fanslow
Leigh Lucas
Bri Ned
Laura Shane
Claire Hubbard
Amanda Schwab
MPSF has just one academic team for all of its members.

Men's Rowing
David Creighton (First Team)
Charles Lilly (First Team)
Mark Murphy (First Team)
Ottavio Siani (First Team)
Silas Stafford (First Team)
Amelia Carr (Second Team)
Aaron Frankl (Second Team)
Alec Levy (Second Team)
Alex Osborne (Second Team)

Women's Rowing
Jen Brown (First Team)
Drusia Dickson (First Team)
Adrienne Fritsch (First Team)
Lauren Hofmayer (First Team)
Cassie Kull (First Team)
Katie O'Neil (First Team)
Sonia Poltoratski (First Team)
Jessi Reel (First Team)
Alex Hasbach (Second Team)
Lena Wolfe (Second Team)
Kathy Altman (Honorable Mention)
Kerry Birk (Honorable Mention)
Kelly Fero (Honorable Mention)
Eva Sheridan (Honorable Mention)

Men's Soccer
Scott Bolkan (First Team)
John Moore (First Team)

Dan Shapiro (First Team)
Alex Kozachenko (Second Team)
Tom Montgomery (Second Team)
Michael Strickland (Second Team)

Mark Bartlett (Honorable Mention)
Brant Bishop (Honorable Mention)

Kyle Hency (Honorable Mention)
Ryan Imamura (Honorable Mention)
Tim Jones (Honorable Mention)
Andrew Kartunen (Honorable Mention)

T.J. Novak (Honorable Mention)
Thiago Sa Freire (Honorable Mention)

Women's Soccer
Rachel Buehler (First Team)
Lizzy George (First Team)
Allison Falk (Second Team)
Erica Holland (Second Team)
Mimi Yuhas (Second Team)
Kelley Birch (Honorable Mention)
Kelley O'Hara (Honorable Mention)
Ali Riley (Honorable Mention)
Kristin Stannard (Honorable Mention)

Missy Penna (First Team)
Tricia Aggabao (Second Team)
Anna Beardman (Second Team)
Shannon Koplitz (Second Team)
Michelle Smith (Honorable Mention)

Men's Swimming & Diving
David Dunford (First Team)
Jason Dunford (First Team)
Egan Gans (First Team)
B.J. Johnson (First Team)
Scott Lathrope (First Team)
Connor McColl (First Team)
Casey Weston (First Team)
Nathan Kim (Second Team)
Brede Kolsrud (Second Team)
Dan Priestley (Second Team)
Noa Sakamoto (Second Team)
Andrew Woodruff (Second Team)
Chris Ash (Honorable Mention)
Karl Boehringer (Honorable Mention)
Nate Cass (Honorable Mention)
Eugene Godsoe (Honorable Mention)
Sven Hinrichsen (Honorable Mention)
Jesse Krompier (Honorable Mention)
Phillip Morrison (Honorable Mention)
Andrew Trepp (Honorable Mention)
Paul Zaich (Honorable Mention)

Women's Swimming & Diving
Andrea Axtell (First Team)
Whitney Spence (First Team)
Elaine Breeden (Second Team)
Shana Karp (Second Team)
Madeline Rovira (Second Team)
Meredith Ayres (Honorable Mention)
Brooke Bishop (Honorable Mention)
Nilasha Ghosh (Honorable Mention)
Kelley Hug (Honorable Mention)
Katie Lampe (Honorable Mention)
Fiona O'Donnell-McCarthy (Honorable Mention)
Sarah Ohr (Honorable Mention)
Caitlin Reynolds (Honorable Mention)
Julia Smit (Honorable Mention)
Carmen Stellar (Honorable Mention)
Stephanie Sutton (Honorable Mention)
Laura Wadden (Honorable Mention)

Men's Tennis
Matt Bruch (Second Team)
Blake Muller (Second Team)
Richard Wire (Second Team)
Phil Kao (Honorable Mention)

Women's Tennis
Whitney Deason (First Team)
Celia Durkin (First Team)
Lindsay Burdette (Second Team)
Jessica Nguyen (Second Team)

Men's Track & Field
Russell Brown (First Team)
Benjamin Dickens (First Team)
Garrett Heath (First Team)
Graeme Hoste (First Team)
Neftalem Araia (Second Team)
Josh Hustedt (Second Team)
Chris Mocko (Second Team)
Hari Mix (Second Team)
Justin Reed (Second Team)
Daniel Belch (Honorable Mention)
Myles Bradley (Honorable Mention)
Zach Chandy (Honorable Mention)
Durell Coleman (Honorable Mention)
Jacob Evans (Honorable Mention)
J.J Jackson (Honorable Mention)
Mike Macellari (Honorable Mention)
Justin Marpole-Bird (Honorable Mention)
Tyrone McGraw (Honorable Mention)
Oluwadare Kolawole (Honorable Mention)

Women's Track & Field
Claire Cormier Thielke (First Team)
Kate Niehaus (First Team)
Lindsay Allen (Second Team)
Kara Bennett (Second Team)
Caitlin Hewitt (Second Team)
Laura Mottaz (Second Team)
Deborah Akinniyi (Honorable Mention)
Lauren Centrowitz (Honorable Mention)
Tessa Flippin (Honorable Mention)
Alicia Follmar (Honorable Mention)
Jaynie Goodbody (Honorable Mention)
Katie Harrington (Honorable Mention)
Danielle Maier (Honorable Mention)
Griffin Matthew (Honorable Mention)
Erica McLain (Honorable Mention)
Teresa McWalters (Honorable Mention)
Idara Otu (Honorable Mention)
Lauren Stewart (Honorable Mention)
Michaela Wallerstedt (Honorable Mention)
Melissa Yunghans (Honorable Mention)

Men's Volleyball (MPSF)

Brandon Williams
Garrett Werner
Kawika Shoji
Evan Romero
Cameron Christoffers
MPSF has just one academic team for all of its members.

Women's Volleyball
Cynthia Barboza (Honorable Mention)
Jessica Fishburn (Honorable Mention)
Franci Girard (Honorable Mention)
Bryn Kehoe (Honorable Mention)
Erin Waller (Honorable Mention)

Men's Water Polo (MPSF)
Michael Bury
Andrew Drake
Peter Finlayson
Ryan Fortune
Will Hindle-Katel
Sandy Hohener
Chris Jacobson
Forrest Schwartz
Will Smith
Cody Wiesen
Sage Wright
Steven Wright
MPSF has just one academic team for all of its members.

Women's Water Polo (MPSF)
Heather West
Megan May
Koree Blyleven
Jackie Gauthier
Kira Hillman
Kelsey Holshouser
Kelly Eaton
MPSF has just one academic team for all of its members.

Tanner Gardner (First Team)
Peter Miller (First Team)
Josh Zupancic (First Team)
Luke Feist (Second Team)
Jake Johnson (Second Team)

2007-08 ESPN The Magazine CoSIDA All-Academic Selections
Evan Moore (All-District First Team)
Anthony Kimble (All-District First Team)
Tim Mattran (All-District First Team)
Brent Newhouse (All-District First Team)
Chris Horn (All-District First Team)

Men's Gymnastics
Dylan Carney (All-District Men's At-Large First Team)

Men's Soccer
Scott Bolkan (All-District)
Dan Shapiro (All-District)

Women's Soccer
Rachel Buehler (First Team; Academic All-America® of the Year)

Missy Penna (All-District First Team)

Women's Swimming & Diving
Elaine Breeden (All-District Women's At-Large Second Team)

Women's Volleyball
Cynthia Barboza (Second Team)

Men's Water Polo
Sandy Hohener (All-District Men's At-Large First Team)

Tanner Gardner (All-District Men's At-Large First Team)

Pac-10 Scholar Athletes of the Year
Neftalem Araia - Cross Country
Russell Brown - Track & Field
Rachel Buehler - Women's Soccer
Tanner Gardner - Wrestling
Rob Grube - Men's Golf
Arianna Lambie - Cross Country

NCAA Postgraduate Scholars
Neftalem Araia - Cross Country/Track & Field
Rachel Buehler - Women's Soccer
Dylan Carney - Men's Gymnastics
Michael Garcia - Men's Track and Field
Tanner Gardner - Wrestling
Graeme Hoste - Men's Track and Field
Sandy Hohener - Men's Water Polo
Josh Hustedt - Track and Field
Arianna Lambie - Cross Country/Track and Field
Laura Shane - Lacrosse

Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship (highest postgraduate award)
Dylan Carney - Men's Gymnastics



Cardinal AXEcess

Cardinal AXEcess
Stanford Baseball vs. USC