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1999-00 Top Performers
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 06/27/2000

As of March 6, 2000

Dual Meet Record: 6-3, 3-1 Pac-10, ranked #6 nationally, Pac-10 Champions

10/23at Pacific Invitethird, 865 points
10/29-30at College Cupsecond & third, 462 & 407 points (split squad)
11/5#3 TexasL, 105-138
11/12British ColumbiaW, 175-87
11/18#5 California (ex.)non-scoring -- double distance
11/18-20at USC Diving Invitationalnon-scoring
11/19San Francisco StateW, 158-44
1/14at #9 Michigannon-scoring
1/15at #9 MichiganL, 106-136
1/21#12 Arizona StateW, 126-116
1/22#3 ArizonaL, 119-124
1/25PacificW, 118-82
2/5at #6 USCW, 128-115
2/19#4 CaliforniaW, 137-106
2/23-25Pac-10 Diving Champs.75 points
3/2-4Pac-10 Championships1st place, 794 points
3/23-25NCAA ChampionshipsMinneapolis, MN

(r) - Relay split
Rankings are at time of meet
^ - NCAA provisional qualifying time
* - NCAA automatic qualifying time

50-Yard Freestyle

(NCAA Qualifying Times: 19.79 automatic/20.38 provisional),(NCAA: 22.09/22.75)
50-Yard Freestyle DateTimeTop SCM Time
Anthony Robinson3/219.80^23.00 (2/5)
Randall Bal3/220.05^22.99 (2/5)
Jeff Guyman3/220.13^
Kurt Spenser3/220.29^22.94 (2/5)
Mark Siebert3/220.31^
Mario Scussel3/220.38^23.28 (2/5)
Da Westcott3/220.79
Brian Rodde3/220.8324.67 (10/29)
Thomas Zochowski3/221.0724.57 (10/29)
Glenn Counts11/1221.3924.41r (10/30)
Steve Ronson1/2521.53
John Waters1/2521.69
Brad Kleinjans1/2122.18
Patrick Fowler3/225.64
Adam Messner 23.72r (10/30)
Greg Long 24.38r (10/30)
Rob Canales 24.67r (10/30)

100-Yard Freestyle

(NCAA: 43.64/44.94),(NCAA: 48.71/50.16)

Adam Messner3/443.79r^51.27 (10/30)
Anthony Robinson3/444.27^50.32r (2/5)
Glenn Counts3/444.28^50.61 (2/5)
Jeff Guyman3/444.64^51.71r (10/29)
Mark Siebert3/444.70^51.10 (2/5)
John Waters3/444.83^50.85 (2/5)
Clayton Jones3/445.10
Kurt Spenser3/445.1351.42 (2/5)
Greg Long3/445.38r50.80r (2/5)
Brian Rodde3/445.4150.83r (2/5)
Thomas Zochowski3/445.4451.81 (1/15)
Mario Scussel3/445.5551.77 (1/15)
Randall Bal11/1246.28r
Dan Westcott1/2246.77r52.00 (1/15)

200-Yard Freestyle

(NCAA: 1:36.39/1:39.28),(NCAA: 1:47.58/1:50.81)
Adam Messner3/31:34.35*1:48.87^ (1/15)
John Waters3/31:35.80*1:49.55^ (2/5)
Greg Long3/31:36.93r^
Clayton Jones3/31:37.18^1:52.44r (1/14)
Brian Rodde3/31:38.14^1:51.62 (2/5)
Steven Brown1/211:38.39^
Jeff Guyman3/31:38.85^
Thomas Zochowski3/31:40.56
Randall Bal10/231:44.87
Reid Gustin1/251:45.49
Kurt Spenser10/231:46.83
Mark Siebert10/231:47.99

500-Yard Freestyle

(NCAA: 4:20.75/4:28.57),(400m, NCAA: 3:48.13/3:54.97)
Adam Messner3/24:16.70*3:51.19^ (1/15)
Greg Long3/24:20.60*3:56.12 (2/5)
John Waters3/24:24.79^3:59.93 (10/30)
Reid Gustin3/24:26.31^3:55.14 (2/5)
Clayton Jones3/24:28.10^4:08.92 (1/15)
Steven Brown1/224:32.524:00.34 (2/5)
Brian Rodde1/254:46.66

1000-Yard Freestyle

(not an NCAA Championship event),(800m)
Reid Gustin3/49:12.548:04.91 (2/5)
Greg Long3/49:14.618:09.26 (2/5)
Steven Brown11/59:16.418:12.86 (1/15)
Adam Messner11/129:20.09
Michael O'Neil2/199:20.148:07.71 (2/5)
Clayton Jones11/199:32.13
Brian Rodde1/259:58.65
John Waters 8:25.41 (10/29)

1650-Yard Freestyle

(NCAA: 15:06.92/15:34.12),(1500m, NCAA: 15:04.21/15:31.33)
Reid Gustin3/415:14.46^15:35.39 (1/14)
Greg Long3/415:23.11^15:43.25 (1/14)

100-Yard Backstroke

(NCAA: 47.93/49.36),(NCAA: 53.50/55.09)
Randall Bal3/247.04r*53.68r^ (2/5)
Dan Westcott3/347.41*55.12r (1/15)
Mark Siebert3/350.00
Steven Brown11/1952.08
John Waters11/1252.48r58.52 (1/14)
Brad Kleinjans2/1952.53r
Reid Gustin10/2356.031:00.10 (10/29)
Clayton Jones10/2356.73
Pete Lennox-King11/1956.86
Mario Scussel10/2357.40
Brian Rodde10/2358.13
Rob Canales 57.22r (10/30)
Glenn Counts 1:00.14 (10/29)

200-Yard Backstroke

(NCAA: 1:44.38/1:47.51), (NCAA: 1:56.50/1:59.99)
Randall Bal3/41:43.53*1:57.01^ (2/5)
Dan Westcott3/41:44.61^1:58.02^ (2/5)
Reid Gustin3/41:46.77^2:08.21 (10/30)
Rob Canales1/211:48.161:59.53^ (2/5)
Michael O'Neil1/251:52.55
Steven Brown10/231:54.172:08.33 (1/15)
Brad Kleinjans1/251:56.86
Pete Lennox-King1/221:56.922:10.50 (1/15)
John Waters10/231:57.772:04.57 (10/30)
Glenn Counts10/232:00.56
Greg Long10/232:02.69

100-Yard Breaststroke

(NCAA: 54.62/56.25), (NCAA: 1:00.96/1:02.78)
Anthony Robinson3/353.90*1:04.67 (10/29)
Patrick Fowler3/355.51^1:03.70 (1/14)
Steve Ronson3/355.72^ (tt)1:04.55 (1/14)
Pete Lennox-King3/356.17^1:05.85 (1/14)
Rob Canales11/1256.921:03.82 (10/29)
Mike O'Neil1/2559.68
Thomas Zochowski10/231:00.901:06.60 (1/14)
Jeff Guyman10/231:01.601:06.09 (10/29)
Glenn Counts10/231:01.86

200-Yard Breaststroke

(NCAA: 1:58.78/2:02.34),(NCAA: 2:12.57/2:16.55)
Rob Canales3/41:58.50*2:14.50^ (2/5)
Patrick Fowler3/42:02.582:18.77 (2/5)
Steve Ronson3/42:02.612:21.19 (2/5)
Pete Lennox-King3/42:02.68
Michael O'Neil1/222:05.862:16.87 (2/5)
Jeff Guyman10/232:15.382:24.33 (10/30)
Thomas Zochowski10/232:16.81
Anthony Robinson10/232:22.392:27.83 (10/30)

100-Yard Butterfly

(NCAA: 47.41/48.83),(NCAA: 52.92/54.50)
Glenn Counts3/347.30*55.15 (1/14)
Dan Westcott3/347.61^55.40 (1/14)
Adam Messner11/1249.2554.50^ (1/14)
Mario Scussel3/349.53
Kurt Spenser3/350.23
Steven Brown11/1252.6157.21 (1/14)
Clayton Jones10/2353.7358.93 (10/30)
Anthony Robinson11/1954.06
Steve Ronson10/2354.31
Mark Siebert10/2354.51
Michael O'Neil 57.39 (1/1/14)
Reid Gustin 1:03.15 (10/30)

200-Yard Butterfly

(NCAA: 1:46.12/1:49.30), (NCAA: 1:58.44/2:01.99)
Adam Messner3/41:43.34*1:59.02^ (2/5)
Steven Brown3/41:44.97*1:57.56* (2/5)
Michael O'Neil3/41:48.132:00.09^ (2/5)
Dan Westcott1/251:49.95
Mario Scussel1/251:53.392:05.94 (2/5)
Greg Long1/251:55.43
Jeff Guyman1/211:55.65
Kurt Spenser11/121:55.79
Clayton Jones 2:10.43 (10/29)

200-Yard Individual Medley

(NCAA: 1:47.16/1:50.37),(NCAA: 1:59.60/2:03.19)
Steven Brown3/21:46.71*2:00.92^ (2/5)
Glenn Counts3/21:46.78*2:04.37 (1/15)
Rob Canales3/21:47.09*2:00.99^ (2/5)
Steve Ronson3/21:50.402:09.40 (1/15)
Greg Long1/221:52.952:08.14 (10/29)
Michael O'Neil1/251:53.60
Pete Lennox-King3/21:53.832:13.80 (1/15)
Reid Gustin1/251:55.18
Jeff Guyman 2:09.72 (10/29)
Patrick Fowler 2:14.33 (2/5)

400-Yard Individual Medley

(NCAA: 3:49.48/3:56.36),(NCAA: 4:16.12/4:23.80)
Steven Brown3/33:46.18*4:19.75^ (1/14)
Greg Long3/33:48.16*4:26.83 (1/14)
Rob Canales3/33:50.12^4:21.90^ (1/14)
Michael O'Neil3/33:52.44^4:26.09 (1/14)
Adam Messner10/234:02.22
Reid Gustin 10/234:11.03

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

(NCAA: 1:18.77/1:21.13),(NCAA: 1:27.92/1:30.55)
Bal, Robinson, Spenser, Counts3/21:18.74*1:31.87 (1/14)
Bal, Scussel, Spenser, Siebert1/251:22.88(Robinson, Bal, Counts, Spenser)
Spenser, Scussel, Ronson, Siebert11/191:24.79
Guyman, Jones, Kleinjans, Rodde1/251:25.31
Waters, Westcott, Long, Zochowski1/251:25.61
Bal, Westcott, Zochowski, Kleinjans11/191:26.45

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

(NCAA: 2:55.37/3:00.63),(NCAA: 3:15.73/3:21.50)
Messner, Robinson, Guyman, Counts3/42:56.86^3:19.67^ (2/5)
Long, Bal, Westcott, Waters3/42:59.53^(Robinson, Waters, Guyman, Counts)
Robinson, Guyman, Waters, Counts2/192:59.54^
Robinson, Waters, Guyman, Counts1/223:00.19^
Messner, Counts, Waters, Guyman11/53:00.76
Long, Zochowski, Scussel, Siebert2/193:00.90
Messner, Waters, Robinson, Westcott1/213:01.06
Waters, Messner, Guyman, Counts11/123:02.74
Zochowski, Spenser, Siebert, Scussel11/53:04.05

800-Yard Freestyle Relay

(NCAA: 6:26.62/6:38.21),(NCAA: 7:11.50/7:24.44)
Long, Brown, Waters, Messner3/36:25.94*7:24.12^ (1/14)
Messner, Waters, Jones, Long11/186:42.41(Jones, Messner, Rodde, Waters)
Stanford A10/236:48.69
Zochowski, Siebert, Scussel, Spenser11/186:59.98
Stanford B10/237:03.02
Brown, Gustin, Rodde, Bal11/187:03.50

200-Yard Medley Relay

(NCAA: 1:27.49/1:30.11),(NCAA: 1:37.65/1:40.57)
Bal, Robinson, Counts, Guyman3/31:26.68*1:41.81 (1/14)
Bal, Ronson, Westcott, Guyman1/251:30.84(Bal, Fowler, Westcott, Robinson)
Stanford A10/231:32.76
Bal, Robinson, Westcott, Spenser11/191:32.97
Stanford B10/231:34.08
Waters, Fowler, Spenser, Siebert1/251:34.64
Stanford C10/231:38.22

400-Yard Medley Relay

(NCAA: 3:12.97/3:18.75),(NCAA: 3:35.37/3:41.82)
Bal, Robinson, Counts, Messner3/23:10.61*3:39.37^ (2/5)
Bal, Robinson, Counts, Messner2/193:14.00^(Westcott, Robinson, Counts, Messner)
Westcott, Robinson, Counts, Messner1/223:16.36^
Westcott, Fowler, Brown, Guyman2/193:18.46^
Bal, Fowler, Counts, Waters1/213:19.12
Bal, Robinson, Westcott, Guyman11/53:19.69
Bal, Ronson, Westcott, Counts11/123:20.74
Bal, Ronson, Spenser, Guyman1/223:21.57
Westcott, Ronson, O'Neil, Rodde1/213:21.66

One-Meter Diving

Championship (NCAA: 465)
Gavin Olmstead2/24425.55
Mark Michelin2/5392.90

Dual (NCAA: 290)

Gavin Olmstead2/19292.725*
Mark Michelin11/5256.725

Three-Meter Diving

Championship (NCAA: 480)
Gavin Olmstead2/5490.60*
Mark Michelin2/5451.80

Dual (NCAA: 310)

Gavin Olmstead2/19331.05*
Mark Michelin2/19261.30

Platform Diving

Ten Dives (NCAA: 430)
Mark Michelin2/26395.05
Gavin Olmstead2/26366.95
Fourteen Dives (NCAA: 618)
no marks



Cardinal AXEcess

Cardinal AXEcess
Stanford Baseball vs. Oregon