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Cardinal Invitational Live Commentary
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 05/01/2003

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Kim McDonald Women's 10,000 Meters Unofficially 15:27.8 for second 5k for Fernandez. Fernandez 1st in 31:13.75. Dryer second in 31:26.88, Johson 3rd in 31:28.41. Petrova 4th in 31:36.76. Babcock 5th in 31:44.74 and McGregor 6th in 31:57.98. At the bell it is Fernandez in 30:02.1. Johnson and Dryer now have a few meters on Petrova as they pass in 30:17. Petrova in 30:19. 9k for Fernandez in 28:08.1. Last kilo in 3:08.1. 3 to go for Fernandez. Passes finish in 27:30. Johnson, Petrova, and Dryer in 27:46. With 4 to go, it is Fernandez in 26:15. Trail group of 3 passes in 26:30. McGregor in 5th, Babcock moves into 6th. 8k for Fernandez in 25:00.1. 6 to go for Fernandez who passes 23:44. Dryer, Johnson, and Petrova almost 100m back. McGregor 75 m back of that group. Fernandez 22:30.1 for 7200m. Dryer led trail group in 22:41 with Johnson and Petrova closely following. 6800m for Fernandez in 21:16.2, trail pack in 21:26. McGregor falling off trail group. Fernandez 20:00 at 6400m. Johnson, Petrova and Dryer through 6400m at 20:11. 6k in 18:47.2 (3:06.3 for last kilo). Fernandez up by 45m now on trail pack. Fernandez now up by 30m with 11 to go. 17:32.8. Trail pack lead by Johnson, Petrova and Dryer with McGregor in tow. 15:40.9 for Fernandez at 5k. That became the fastest kilo of the race so far. Fernandez puts ten meters on lead pack and passes by the finish with 13 laps to go in 15:23. Same group with Fernandez passes by with 14 to go. Second group is lead by Babcock and Fitchen-Anderson. That kilometer was fastest of race so far. After 4k it is Fernandez in 12:35.4 with Johnson, Petrova, Dryer, McGregor and Russell in tow. 11:20 for Fernandez with 16 still to go. Lead pack still intact. Fernandez takes over lead. Then Johnson and Petrova, Dryer, McGregor and Russell. Next is a group of four about 50m back. 3k in 9:28.7 for leaders. Still Petrova in 8:49 for 2800 with lead pack of 6 still tight. Petrova 7:32 after 2400, then Johnson, Fernandez, Dryery and McGregor. After 2000m, it is Petrova, Johnson and Fernandez at the lead of a tight pack in 6:16.1. Through 1600m the leaders are still Becker, Petrova and Johnson in 4:59. Becker steps off. 1200m in 3:45. Still Becker, Petrova, Johnson, Fernandez and Dryer. 1k in 3:07.12 for Becker and Petrova. Becker, Petrova, and Johnson are leaders after 800 m in 2:29.1. Becker at 400m in 74.5. Sarna Becker early leader.

Men's 5,000 Meters Lincoln 3rd in 13:37.31, Robison 4th in 13:41.82, then Sherry in 13:42.75, followed by Slattery in 13:43.05. 58.1 for Torres on last lap. 28.4 for last 200. Torres swings wide off turn and takes race in 13:24.56 to 13:25.90. Keflezghi in lead with 250 to go. Torres leads at bell in 12:26. Lincoln 12:31. Slattery leads next group in 12:43. keflezghi retakes lead with 2 to go in 11:20. 10:47.5 at 4k. Torres retakes lead. Torres takes lead with 3 to go. 10:14, 10:17 for Lincoln. Keflezghi takes lead on backstretch. Keflezghi and Torres with 5 m on Lincoln. 9:07 for Meb. 9:15 for Hauser and Riley. 9:22 for Robison and Savage-led group. Keflezghi, Lincoln and Torres 8:01.7 at 3k, Riley and Hauser 8:06, 8:15 for field. Keflezghi, Lincoln and Torres, 7:29. Riley and Hauser 7:32. Chase pack lead by Robison 7:42. 6 laps in 6:23. Lunn, Lincoln, Keflezghi and Torres. Lunn steps off. Lunn, Lincoln, Keflezghi, Torres, Hauser, Riley. Then 40 m to Slattery who has 10m on Grant Robison the leader of the rest of the field. 5:19.5 for 2k. Lunn, Lincoln, Keflezghi, Torres, Hauser, Riley have separated from the field. 4:15 for 1600m. Vermillion steps off. Lunn leads followed by Lincoln and Keflezghi. 3:13. 1k in 2:40.5. 13:22 pace. Vermillion, Lunn, Keflezghi, Lincoln, Torres, Hauser, Riley, Slattery. 800m in 2:08.3 Vermillion and Lunn lead through 400m in 63.0. Keflezghi and Lincoln in 3rd and 4th. Weather nice for 5k. Low 60s.

Men's 10,000m B Section Johnson winner in 28:54.50, Bairu 2nd in 28:58.11, Eberly in 3rd in 29:01.32 and Rouault in 4th in 29:04.02. Johnson passes Bairu on backstretch. Bairu in 27:53 at bell. Johnson and Rouault are 5m back now. 26:42.8 with 2 to go. 26:47 for chase group. 9k for Bairu 26:07.3. Bairu with 3 to go in 25:31.7. 25:37 for Johnson, Rouault, and Eberly. Jamison 5th in 25:47. Bairu 24:20 with 6 to go. 24:25 for chase pack. With 5 to go it is still Bairu in 23:10.1(8k). Chase pack, now of Johnson, Eberly, and Rouaultis back at 23:15. Bairu lead with 6 to go. Time for Bairu is 21:59. 20:49.4 after 18 laps for Bairu. 19:39.5 with 8 laps to go for Bairu. 35m up on chase pack of Jamison, Johnson, Rouault, and Eberly. Kemey is now 75 m back of that group. Bairu still leading after 6400m. Chase pack of Johnson, Jamison, Eberly and Rouault are 25m back. Bairu leads at 6k in 17:20.4 as Wallace drops out after 5800m. Wallace and Bairu still clear. Jamison, Johnson lead second pack, with Eberly and Rouault close behind. 5200m at 15:01.5 for the leaders. Wallace and Bairu lead at 5k in 14:27.7. Leaders up 5 meters on trail pack lead by Johnson. 12:42.6 after 11 laps. Still Wallace, Jamison and Johnson at lead of pack of 6. 5 m off pack is Kemey. Then 25m back to chase pack. 4200m in 12:08. Wallace, Jamison and Johson lead through 4k. 3600m led by Wallace still. Wallace and Jamison through 3200m in 9:15. Then Johnson, Kemey and Bairu. Loughlin drops out. Wallace takes lead. Loughlin, Wallace, Jamison and Kemey at 8:07.5. Weldon Johnson in 4th. 2400 through at 6:57.7. Loughlin leader followed by Wallace, then Jamison. Loughlin, Wallace, Jamison, Emme. 2k in 5:47.5. 1600m in 4:37.4. Still Loughlin, Wallace, Emme, Jamison. Loughlin and Emme of Stanford and Wallace of Wisconsin lead at 1200m. Loughlin still the leader in 2:18.8. Still one pack. Loughlin leads pack through 400m at 68.4. Steve Loughlin of Stanford is early leader.

Kim McDonald Men's 10,000m Culpeper's time is world-leading mark. Galvan 2nd in 27:44.85, Cheboiywo 3rd in 27:46.47, Abdirahman 4th 27:52.24, Schiebler 5th in 28:00.54, Keska 6th. Culpeper 1st in 27:41.90. Culpeper with huge move on backstretch. Shortly after bell, Abdirahman is dropped. Galvan and Cheboiywo now lead. Same group intact at the bell. 26:43. Lead group is nearly 100m up now. Culpeper and Cheboiywo lead group of 4 with 800m to go. 25:04.1 at 9k. Cheboiywo, Culpeper, Abdirahman and Galvan. with three to go. 24:30.4. 24:45 for Keska-led chase pack. Culpeper takes the lead with 4 to go. Keska now leads 2nd group. Cheboiywo 21:15 at 8k. Up by 8 m. Kennedy 22:28 leads 2d chase pack. Culpeper, Abdirahman and Galvan still follow Cheboiywo in 1st chase group. With 6 to go it is Cheboiywo 21:05. Now up by 15m. 21:16 for third group. Cheboiywo up by 25m with 7 to go. Keska, Ice, and Kennedy still lead what is now the third group. 19:23.4 at 7k. Cheboiywo leads by 15m to go with 8 to go. Culpeper, Abdirahman and Galvan still tightly packed. Keska and Ice lead trail group. Cheboiywo leads with 9 to go. Ice leads chase pack 50m back. Cheboiywo leads first pack of 4 at 6k 16:39.8. Second pack 16:46 (joined by Kennedy and Donnelly). Nick Rodgers and Chris Graff lead third pack. Abdirahman and Cheboiywo lead with 11 to go. 15:32.6. Shay drops out. 3rd chase pack of Kennedy and Donnelly joining 2nd chase pack still led by Schiedler. 5200m in 14:46. 13:52.7 for Culpeper at 5k. Culpeper, Abdirahman, Cheboiywo, Galvan. Chase pack of three led by Schiebler. 4400m, Abdirahman leads Culpeper. Same group of 4 in lead. Chase pack of 3 15m back. 4k in 11:03.9. Lead by Culpeper. Still same pack. Kennedy 10th in 11:09. Cheboiywo takes lead, then Culpeper, Abdirahman. 9:56.7. Chase pack closes to 15m back. Abdirahman 3200m in 8:47.0. Same lead pack. Scheibler now leads chase pack about 30m back. Luchini 20m clear and drops out. 7:38 flat for new leader Galvan. Abdirahman, Cheboiywo, and Culpeper tightly packed. Keska leads chase pack 40m back. Luchini 6:31.8, then Abdirahman 5m back. Galvan moves into third. Kennedy and Keska lead chase pack. Luchini still leads through 2k in 5:26.7. Luchini and Abdirahman have 5m lead on Culpeper. Lead pack now 40m clear of field. 1600m in 4:21.3. Luchini, Abdirahman, Culpeper, Cheboiywo, Galvan have 10m lead. Luchini 3:16.1 after 1200m. Still Culpeper, Abdirahman, and Cheboiywo. Luchini leader at 1k in 2:44. Kennedy 2:46. Luchini, Culpeper, Abdirahman, Cheboiywo 2:11.2 at 800m. 400m lead by Luchini in 66.5, Culpeper, Abdirahman, Cheboiywo Luchini early leader, followed by Culpeper. Weather is calm, mid to low 60s.

Women's 1500m Heat 2 Bevins of Arkansas closes to win in 4:15.35 (66 flat last lap), Gorton second in 4:15.48, Gallo of Michigan 3rd in 4:16.35 and Wurth is 4th in 4:16.58. Gorton 4m clear at 1200m. Sara Gorton of Colorado takes over lead on backstretch. Leads at 3:08.1 at the bell. Wysong steps off after 800m in 2:17.7. Wysong continues to lead, followed by vanBeek and Wurth. Hauser moving up to 3rd. Tight pack lead by Wysong (rabbit) at 400m in 67.3.

Women's 1500m Heat 1 Riedy wins in 4:20.00 (67.0 last lap). Genet 2nd in 4:20.74, Thornal 3rd in 4:23.31. Riedy takes lead on backstretch. Simmons overtaken at bell 3:13.1. 800m through at 2:18.5. Simmons leads a pack of 5. Robertson still in 2nd. Leaders through 400m in 69.7. Simmons leads followed by Robertson. Tightly packed.

Women's 5000m Hayley McGregor is the winner in 15:56.72, McGranahan second in 16:01.51, Walter of Michigan 3rd in 16:18.29, Hoge of Arizona 4th in 16:23.34, with Austin of Colorado 5th in 16:30.65. McGregor leads off the turn. McGranahan is 15 m back. McGregor at the bell in 14:45.6. McGranahan down by 15m. 4400m in 14:07.2 13:28 for McGregor with 2 laps to go. McGranahan is closing and is 30m back. 12:51.0 for McGregor at 4k. 12:12 with 3 to go for McGregor. McGranahan 12:17. McGregor 11:33.9 at 3600m. McGranahan still 2nd. McGregor 10:54 with 4 laps to go. McGregor 10:16.8 at 3200m. McGranahn 30m back. McGranahan is 40m clear of rest of field. 9:38.5 for McGregor at 3k. McGregor still up by 20 on McGranahan. 9:00.5 for McGregor. McGregor leader through 2400m in 7:44.0. Lead of 20m over McGranahan. Austin leads chase pack 5m back of McGranahan. McGregor draws 20m clear of field. Through 2k in 6:28.1. Chase Pack of 9 follows. McGregor and Austin are leaders at 1600m in 5:12.8. Phillips of Kentucky in 3rd. Pack is starting to string out. McGregor leads at 1k in 3:17.8. Still tightly bunched. Still tightly packed at 800m in 2:38.8. Leader is McGregor. Everyone in lead pack through 400m in 79.

Men's 1500m A Section Lunn winner in 3:40.42, Gruber 2nd in 3:41.23 followed by a quick closing Dan Wilson in 3:41.49, then Festa of Wisconsin in 3:42.47. Atwater of Weber State is 5th. Lunn takes lead off the turn and pulls away. Gruber, Atwater and Lunn, at the bell at 2:45. Dineen drops out, Gruber takes over lead. Dineen, Gruber and Lunn still at 800m in 1:59.7. 400m in 58.7. Dineen, Gruber and Lunn at 400.

Men's 1500m Heat 2 Wood takes first in 3:41.96. Fast closing Ryan Hall takes second in 3:43.37 (59.5 last lap), Long third in 3:43.80. McFalls drops out and Long leads at bell in 2:44. McFalls and Long at 800m in 1:59.0. Olsen of Weber State and Hall of Stanford follow closely. Leaders through 400m in 58.3. McFalls leads big pack.

Men's 1500m Heat 1 Hesch winner in 3:44.15, Collin 2nd in 3:46.66. Hesch and Collin leaders at 1200m in 3:00.8. Boulet steps off with lap to go. Boulet leader of group of three through 800m at 1:58.7. Perkins in 4th leads trail pack. Pack 10m down. Boulet leader at 400m in 57.2.

Women's 400m Langerholc winner in 54.29, Earl (doubling back from 800) 2nd in 55.61, then Williams 3rd in 56.01.

Men's 400m Busby of Nike winner in 48.09, Hutcherson 2nd in 49.33, then Banjoko (doubling back from the 800) 3rd in 50.14, with Jeff Conkey of Stanford 4th in 50.28.

Men's Steeple Top Section Desilets is winner at 8:30.59 (last lap 62.5). Greaux 2nd in 8:34.33, then Milne 3rd in 8:35.65. Desilets up by 8m at bell 7:28, followed by Greaux who is 8 m up on field. Desilets leads by 10 m at 6:53 with 600m to go. Desilets 5 m clear at 6:18.8 with 2 laps to go. Greaux joined by Desilets in the lead at 5:42, 10 m clear of chase pack, Cullum goes down. Greaux up by 8-10 meters through 4:22. Followed by pack lead by Jeremiah and Desilets. Greaux leader at 1200m in 3:23. 5 meters clear of pack. Jeremiah takes over lead with 5 laps to go. Herman still leader at 800m in 2:16. Huge pack with everyone still in it. 400m in 66. Herman is the leader.

Men's 800m Heat 3 of 3 Neugebauer winner in 1:48.03, Woodward 2nd in 1:48.36, Johnson of Kentucky third in 1:48.53, Ciurlys of Kentucky fourth in 1:49.04. Last 200 in 29.5. Johnson 1:18.4 at 600m. Eliot leader at 400m in 50.1. Johnson of Kentucky takes lead as Eliot steps off. 200m in 23.9. Eliot leader.

Men's 800m Heat 2 of 3 Armel winner in 1:49.61, Ridge of Wisconsin 2nd in 1:50.11, Landers of Kentucky 3rd in 1:50.63 then DeLong in 1:51.14. 1:20.9 at 600m, Armel leader. Pimentel leader at 400m in 52.1. O'Neill and Trujillo 2nd and 3rd. 200 in 25.8. Pimentel of Farm Team is the rabbit.

Men's 800m Heat 1 of 3 Bevan winner in 1:50.80, Dunst 1:51.03, Emmen 1:51.53, Koos 1:51.60. Bevan of Air Force leader at 600m in 1:21.6. Bevan leader at 400m in 53.5, Banjoko second. 200 in 26.7, Bevan leader.

Women's 800m Heat 2 Earl passes Lynn with 50m to go to win in 2:03.05 to Lynn's 2:03.54, Simmons 2:04.44, then Snyder 2:04.96. Lynn leader at 600m. Elmore leader through 400m in 58.8. Elmore rabbits 200m in 27.8.

Women's 800m Heat 1 Taylor victor in 2:06.63, Heath 2:07.05, Wysong at 2:07.14. Taylor takes lead with 250 to go. 600m at 1:33.9. Wysong leader at 400m in 61.5. Wysong through 200m in 29.5.

Women's Steeple MacDonald victorious in 10:15.64, DeFrancesco 10:18.29, Gall 10:25.41. MacDonald takes lead with 250 to go. 7 laps in 9:36. At the bell, DeFrancesco over MacDonald by about 5m. DeFrancesco opens up 10m lead over MacDonald 2400m in 8:11.9. Gall breaks clear of trail pack. DeFrancesco and MacDonald up by 40m at 2000m in 6:48. Gall, Mann, and Sutton back in 6:55. DeFrancesco over MacDonald then Gall, Mann, Sutton 20m back. 1600m at 5:25. DeFrancesco takes lead over MacDonald. Both are 10m cear of trail pack of 3. Through 1200m at 4:03. MacDonald and DeFrancesco through 800m at 2:43. MacDonald in the lead at 400 followed by DeFrancesco.

Men 5000m B Section Thompson outsprints Klass for the victory 14:03.75 to 14:04.42. Followed by Acs 14:06.72 and Payne at 14:07.20. Klass, Payne, Thompson order with 200m to go in 13:34. Air Force duo takes over lead with 600m to go, 12:27.7. Klass takes lead with two laps to go. Thompson leads Klass. Roughly 15m clear of trail pack. 4k at 11:18.7. Lane drops out. Thompson and Klass lead a group of three by 30m. 3600m at 10:08.5. Lane, Thompson, Klass are about 40m up on a small pack. 3200m at 8:57. Georgelous drops out, Lane leads at 2800m at 7:49.4 followed by Thompson and Klass. Georgelous, Lane, Nielsen, Thompson of Eastern Michigan through 2400 in 6:43. Georgelous, Lane, Nielsen through 2000m in 5:34.0. Pack of 4:26 Lane, Nielsen, Gotcher, Smith, Georgelous (leader). Nielsen 3:20.3 at 1200m in pack of 7. Nielsen 65.7 at 400

Men's Steeple B Section Kloos unofficially 8:42.84 , followed by de Bastos in 8:48.44, then Brookshire 8:52.24 Kloos hits bell at 7:35. Kloos 6:56 at 2400m with 50m lead over de Bastos who is 10m up on Brookshire. Kloos 5:44 at 2000m leads by 40m over de Bastos. Kloos 4:36 at 1600m with roughly 20m lead over de Bastos, Keller and Brookshire. Kloos, de Bastos, Brookshire in 3:26. Kloos with 10 m lead. Kloos with 5m lead at 800m in 2:18. Kloos then Brookshire at 400m. Big Pack

Women's 100M Unofficially Kiesha Givens in 12.25.

Men's 100M Unofficially Kenny McDaniels of Gator TC in 11.36.

110 Hurdles Unofficially Josh Husted in 15.67.

The Cardinal Invitational
Cobb Track and Angell Field
May 2, 2003


Please be sure to check this schedule carefully. There are some SIGNIFICANT changes in the schedule.

Running Events 6:00pm Men's 110 Meter Hurdles 6:05pm Men's 100 Meters 6:10pm Women's 100 Meters 6:20pm Men's 3000 Meter Steeplechase (B Section) 6:35pm Men's 5000 Meters (B Section) 6:55pm Women's 3000 Meter Steeplechase 7:10pm Women's 800 Meters 7:25pm Men's 800 Meters 7:40pm Men's 3000 Meter Steeplechase (Top Section) 7:55pm Men's 400 Meters 8:00pm Women's 400 Meters 8:05pm Men's 1500 Meters 8:25pm Women's 5000 Meters 8:45pm Women's 1500 Meters 9:00pm Men's Kim McDonald Memorial 10,000 Meters 9:30pm Men's 10,000 Meters (B Section) 10:05pm Men's 5000 Meters (Top Section) 10:20pm Women's Kim McDonald Memorial 10,000 Meters

Women's 100 Meter Hurdles has been cancelled.

Field Events 5:00pm Men's Hammer (combined with Women at 5:00pm) Women's Hammer (combined with Men at 5:00pm) 5:00pm Men's Pole Vault Women's Pole Vault (will follow Men's Pole Vault) 5:30pm Men's Shot Put 5:30pm Women's Long Jump 5:30pm Women's High Jump 6:30pm Men's High Jump 6:30pm Women's Shot Put 6:30pm Men's Discus 7:30pm Women's Discus



Cardinal AXEcess

Cardinal AXEcess
Stanford Baseball vs. Oregon