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Inky Ajanaku and partner Kyle Gilbert went 2-1, Sunday. (Photo: Bob Drebin)
Stanford Tournament Results
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 03/30/2014

STANFORD, Calif. - The Stanford sand volleyball team wrapped up its home tournament with bracket matches, Sunday, against pairs from No. 3 Hawaii, No. 6 UCLA and Santa Clara.

Stanford junior Kyle Gilbert and sophomore Inky Ajanaku finished 2-1 on the day to lead the Cardinal. The pair won its preliminary round match against Santa Clara's Lacey Maas and Katy Schatzman, 23-21, 21-13. Ajanaku and Gilbert also won a 28-17 match against UCLA's Skylar Dykstra and Jennie Frager in the consolation bracket.

Junior Lauren Birks and sophomore Jordan Burgess picked up a win in the consolation round against Maas and Schatzman, 28-26.

Former Cardinal indoor player Karissa Cook ('13) and her partner Brittany Tiegs won the tournament with a 21-13, 7-4 medical forfeit over Hawaii's teammates Katie Spieler and Nikki Taylor.

Playing in round-robin matches with UCLA and Santa Clara, Stanford's Grace Kennedy and Dana Ritchie went 1-1. The pair picked up a win over UCLA's Cosani and Miller, 28-24.

The Cardinal will be back in action on Friday, April 4 against California. The dual play is scheduled for 4 p.m. PT at the ACSR Sand Courts on the Stanford Campus.

Stanford Tournament Results

Preliminary Round
Madison Dutra/Sara Vaccaro (SCU) def. Morgan Boukather/Megan McGehee (STAN), 18-21, 21-14, 15-9
Karlee Riggs/Mikayla Tucker (UH) def. Karly Drolson/Rachel Inouye (UCLA), 17-21, 21-18, 15-10
Inky Ajanaku/Kyle Gilbert (STAN) def. Lacey Maas/Katy Schatzman (SCU), 23-21, 21-13
London Chow/Olivia Urban (UH) def. Skylar Dykstra/Jennie Frager (UCLA), 21-16, 21-8

Round of 16
Karissa Cook/Brittany Tiegs (UH) def. Madison Dutra/Sarah Vaccaro (SCU), 21-5, 21-6
Zoe Nightingale/Madie Smith (UCLA) def. Madi Bugg/Kelsey Humphreys (STAN), 23-21, 22-20
Karlee Riggs/Mikayla Tucker (UH) def. Nikki Hess/Taylor Milton (SCU), 21-16, 21-13
Taylor Formico/Karsta Lowe (UCLA) def. Lauren Birks/Jordan Burgess (STAN), 21-19, 21-9
Jessyka Ngauamo/Kamila Tan (UCLA) def. Inky Ajanaku/Kyle Gilbert (STAN), 21-13, 21-14
Katie Spieler/Nikki Taylor (UH) def. GiGi Cresto/Taylor Dayton (SCU), 21-12, 21-13
London Chow/Olivia Urban (UH) def. Brittany Howard/Carly Wopat (STAN), 21-16, 21-15
Ginger Long/Ali Longo (UH) def. Sabrina Clayton/Danielle Rottman (SCU), 21-16, 21-18

Karissa Cook/Brittany Tiegs (UH) def. Zoe Nightingale/Madie Smith (UCLA), 21-16, 21-19
Karlee Riggs/Mikayla Tucker (UH) def. Taylor Formico/Karsta Lowe (UCLA), 21-12, 18-21, 15-12
Katie Spieler/Nikki Taylor (UH) def. Jessyka Ngauamo/Kamila Tan (UCLA), 21-16, 21-17
Ginger Long/Ali Longo (UH) def. London Chow/Olivia Urban (UH), 19-21, 21-12, 15-11

Karissa Cook/Brittany Tiegs (UH) def. Karlee Riggs/Mikayla Tucker (UH), 21-7, 21-12
Katie Spieler/Nikki Taylor (UH) def. Ginger Long/Ali Longo (UH), 21-16, 21-13

Karissa Cook/Brittany Tiegs (UH) def. Katie Spieler/Nikki Taylor (UH), 21-13, 7-4 (Medical Forfeit)

Consolation (one set played to 28)
Skylar Dykstra/Jennie Frager (UCLA) def. Madi Bugg/Kelsey Humphreys (STAN), 29-27
Lauren Birks/Jordan Burgess (STAN) def. Lacey Maas/Katy Schatzman (SCU), 28-26
Karly Drolson/Rachel Inouye (UCLA) def. GiGi Cresto/Taylor Dayton (SCU), 28-26
Sabrina Clayton/Danielle Rottman (SCU) def. Morgan Boukather/Megan McGehee (STAN), 28-17
Inky Ajanaku/Kyle Gilbert (STAN) def. Skylar Dykstra/Jennie Frager (UCLA), 28-17
Nikki Hess/Taylor Milton (SCU) def. Lauren Birks/Jordan Burgess (STAN), 28-24
Karly Drolson/Rachel Inouye (UCLA) def. Madison Dutra/Sarah Vaccaro (SCU), 28-26
Sabrina Clayton/Danielle Rottman (SCU) def. Brittany Howard/Carly Wopat (STAN), 28-17

Sixes Round-Robin (Hawaii did not participate; first match played to 28, other two to 21)
Grace Kennedy/Dana Ritchie (STAN) def. Cosani/Miller (UCLA), 28-24
Cosani/Miller (UCLA) def. Chloe Lott/Chloe Sliger (SCU), 21-19
Chloe Lott/Chloe Sliger (SCU) def. Grace Kennedy/Dana Rittchie (STAN), 21-11



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